I am a visual communicator, formally trained in both medical illustration and studio painting, with extensive experience writing, designing, and illustrating content for patient education. 

I have several styles, but all my work is consistent in that it takes complex medical content and presents it in an attractive and appropriate manner, intended to engage, instruct, and entertain the viewer. Early in my career, I was introduced to the (at that time) new concept of patient education, illustrating, designing and helping to write empowering products, built on a foundation of health literacy and patient engagement. I have continued in this sub-specialty, over the years, creating hundreds of products, for multiple cultures, in many languages. Along with print and online formats, I also have experience creating interactive modules and animations.

In addition to patient education, I’ve illustrated multiple texts and journals from elementary level through high school, school college and medical specialty. I always welcome a good book project. 

My goal for scientific and medical art is to tell a relevant story through point of view, draftsmanship, a demonstrable command of medium and knowledge of content. I enjoy research and welcome the opportunity to show a theory, instruction or process in an original and better manner. 

Partial list of clients:
American Cancer Society
Human Kinetics
Merck, Sharp and Dohme
American Diabetes Association
EMS Magazine
Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

Resume, samples and links to animations available upon request. Please contact via the form on the Contact page.